1.In 1853, a man named Levi Strauss found himself in San Francisco trying to start a branch of his family business. He sold a cotton fabric known as denim, which was picked up by a man called Jacob W. Davis.

2.During the 19th century Gold Rush in California, a greater and greater need arose for durable men's workwear to clothe gold miners while they were on the job.

3.Up until the Second World War, denim jeans still weren't highly popular.

4.Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando: They all wore jeans during the early days of their popularity.

5.Celebrity icons like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp continued to popularize denim, and many celebrities continue to wear this fabric to this day.



What makes Peplos Special







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The use of premium quality material for stitching and colour will give your jeans a very rich feel and will keep you comfortable even on your hardest workday.

The small details have been taken care precisely to make out buyers feel that the even the tiniest complaints in a jeans is not found.

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